Our ground crew members mix products, prepare loads and refuel the aircraft after each landing. Which makes them an integral part of the aerial application operation.  Trust between pilots and the ground crew is paramount.  Ground crew members are constantly on alert for anything out of place on the aircraft, and are a second set of eyes on the maps before they reach the pilot's hands.  They are usually the first to arrive each day, and the last to leave. Each year before our season starts all of the ground crew and office staff get together for a training day. All of our employees are trained in using a fire extinguisher, how to handle pesticides along with the proper way to mix them, the proper way to approach and board an aircraft and Meyer Agri-Air's safety management system. At Meyer Agri-Air we take safety seriously and it is our #1 priority, to do that we ensure that all of our employees are trained and proficient in their duties.


Ground Crew job description is as follows:

  • Mixing chemical loads

  • Loading chemical to aircraft

  • Loading fuel to aircraft

  • Cleaning off aircraft windshield

  • Receiving inventory from retailers; must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

  • Washing and waxing aircraft

  • Tracking chemical load and aircraft

  • Keeping the office space clean and orderly

  • Must be a Certified Pesticide Handler by the Iowa Department of Agriculture  and Land Stewardship

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