Ag pilots are only as efficient as their ground personnel - from the ground crew that mixes product and loads the airplane, to the office staff making accurate maps and flagging sensitive areas.  Learn more about these important roles by clicking the links below.

The Meyer Agri-Air full time staff are all licensed consultants by the Iowa Department of Agriculture Land and Stewardship. Which means that an aerial applicator consultant coordinates the commercial application of pesticides by aerial applicators. The consultant must be a resident of Iowa; hold certification in Category 11, Aerial Application; and either a valid commercial applicator license or pesticide dealer license.*

Meyer Agri-Air is certified by the Iowa Department of Agriculture Land and Stewardship as a Pesticide Applicator.

Ground crew and office staff are certified handlers which includes certified commercial handlers who handle any pesticide in other than unopened containers for the purposes of preparing, mixing, or loading pesticides for application by another person. A certified handler is required to operate under the direct supervision of a licensed commercial applicator, noncommercial applicator, public applicator, or pesticide dealer and may not apply any restricted use pesticide nor commercially apply any other pesticide.*

*Information taken from Iowa Core Manual Iowa Commercial Pesticide Applicator Manual.



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